Are you a general dentist or a specialist?

I am a general dentist with a passion for cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry does NOT only mean smile makeovers and veneers.

Aesthetics in dentistry correlates with anatomy and function. An anatomically-shaped filling will fit in with your bite better and be easier for you to clean.

What are your consultation fees?

My consultation rates are $180 (before GST).

This covers the following:

  • 60-minutes comprehensive clinical examination (where I examine your mouth)

  • Radiographic examination (X-rays are used to examine the inside of your teeth and bones), and

  • Consultation

The consultation part of this first visit is important as it establishes the goals and desires you have for your smile.

Can I get a treatment quote before the smile consultation?

I usually recommend patients to first come in for a consultation and clinical examination, so that we can have an accurate picture of your current condition and your goals.

Similar conditions may end up with different treatment plans based on your individual goals and budget.

However, I understand that you may prefer to have a cost estimate before committing to an in-person visit. A complimentary 15-minutes virtual consultation is available for this purpose.

Why are your smile consultations longer compared to other basic dental clinics?

Many patients ask why the consultation visit is longer compared to other basic dental clinics.

A detailed consultation helps you decide whether you really need certain treatments or if an alternative may be more appropriate.

This is great for patients who may be interested in a particular treatment (e.g. veneers).

It also helps me as your dentist to get to know you and your goals better, so that the appropriate treatment plan can be tailored for you.

Why do I need X-rays for my smile consultation?

Dental x-rays help to diagnose possible dental disease (cavities or gum disease) that may have gone undetected because of lack of pain or symptoms (loose teeth, abscesses).

If you have a set of updated, high-quality X-rays that were taken less than 12 months ago, you may not need an update of your x-ray record.

However, certain cases require additional X-rays or CT scans to supplement the X-rays provided.

Smile transformations can only be successfully performed in a healthy mouth. Dental x-rays are a vital tool in confirming your oral health status.

Why do you take photos of my teeth during the consultation?

Clinical photos serve 3 functions:

  • Allows the patient to better understand their oral condition;

  • Accurate documentation of baseline; conditions and subsequent treatment

  • Accurate smile evaluation

A set of standardised clinical photos is essential for a smile consultation (this includes patients considering orthodontics).

How do I know if I am suitable for certain treatments?

A particular treatment will suit a patient if their goals, expectations, timeline and budget align with what is possible.

A comprehensive consultation will provide the necessary information.

Can I decide on the brand/material used for a particular treatment?

All clinical materials and equipment have been personally selected for optimal clinical performance based on long term follow-up with the patient.

This gives an accurate reflection of real life material performance.

Certain cases will be better suited for a particular brand/material over another.

I always take patient preferences into consideration but if I feel that a certain material would not work, I will advise you accordingly and suggest an alternative.

Can I see case studies of your previous treatments?

Please check out my blog or my Instagram account to view case studies that I have worked on or am currently working on.

Can I get a second opinion from you?

If you would like a second opinion, please email me at hello@drjaclyntoh.com or send an appointment request to the Patient Experience Specialists at +65 9788 9407.

Alternatively, you can book an appointment by calling Elite Dental Group +65 6333 4456.

How do I make an appointment with you?

If you are ready for an appointment with me or would like to find out more about a particular treatment, please drop me an email at hello@drjaclyntoh.com or send an appointment request to the Patient Experience Specialists at +65 9788 9407.

Alternatively, you can book an appointment by calling Elite Dental Group +65 6333 4456.

Do you offer discounts?

From time to time, patients may be invited to participate in a case study for educational purposes.

These patients may enjoy a fee discount in return. The treatments that are eligible for case studies will vary, please email me at hello@drjaclyntoh.com to find out more.